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Civil Litigation
Professional Negligence Claims

You would expect that when entering into a contract, either written or verbal, you would be entitled to expect a reasonable standard of service. After all, if you can't trust a professional in the field, who can you trust? Sadly bad advice is sometimes given and instructions are poorly executed.

Almy & Thomas have significant experience in professional negligence claims against:

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Doctors / Medical Organisations
  • Architects and Building Trade Professionals
  • Police, Councils & Other Authorities
  • Our free 30 minute appointment is perfect to discuss your situation.

    Commercial Contract Drafting

    We offer expert advice in the vitally important area of contract drafting. There are many matters to consider when drafting a contract whether this is for the purpose of creating terms and conditions of business, bespoke contracts for single transactions or detailed conditions tailed to a business.

    Understanding matters such as scope, obligations, frameworks, service levels, warranties, imdemnities, risk and liabilities are all vitally important areas of contract drafting. We invite you to join us for a free 30 minute appointment to discuss your requirements.

    Contract Disputes

    A contract usually comprises of one or more sets of terms and conditions to set out how two parties will conduct business between them.

    In many cases, contracts are executed without dispute but when one party believes the other is in breach of contract, Almy & Thomas offer a highly experienced service to assist in resolution whether the dispute exists between business owners, shareholders, joint ventures, businesses or consumers.

    We can assist not only in intepretation of documents but also with court claims and other enforcement options including injunctions and insolvency that may be available to you. Join us for a free 30 minute appointment where we can advise further.

    Partnership Law

    As well as creating a limited company, it is possible to go into business with another person by the creation of a Partnership. This can be in the form of an 'Unlimited Parnership' or a 'Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)' agreement.

    We have experience to advise and assist in all aspects of partnership law from the creation, modification and dissolution of a partnership.

    Disputes between partners can be highly complex due to the fact that partners are often both an owner and employee of their organisation. In many cases partnerships are family businesses adding extra emotional stress into disputes. Disputes can often be resolved by mediation but if legal action is required, we can help to prepare a case.

    We invite you to join us for a free 30 minute initial consultation to discuss partnership requirements.

    Corporate Law

    Corporate law (also "company" or "corporations" law) is described as the practice or study of how shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders interact with one another.

    We offer practical experience and advise to company officers in a number of key areas including shareholders agreements, Directors' contracts and intellectual property rights.

    Our free 30 minute appointment is the perfect opportunity to discuss your situation.

    Debt Recovery

    Whether a business or individual, most of us have, from time to time, experienced a bad debt and have had need to recover the money owed to us.

    We have proven time and time again that a professionally-issued well-worded legal letter can avoid the need for a claim. However, when a claim is required, Almy & Thomas have an outstanding record of drafting and executing successful court proceedings.

    We can advise on the conduct of small claims litigation - although small claims are less complex than larger ones, our advice will help achieve a favourable judgement.

    In the case of larger claims, we offer a full bespoke service of an experienced team determined to help achieve a positive outcome.

    Join us for a free 30 minute consultation where we can offer further advice and insight.

    Commercial Leases

    Commercial leases can be lengthy and somewhat complex in composition. The document is designed to comprehensively describe the agreement between a lessor and leaseholder and will cover matters such as the definition of the parties involved, the premises, the costs involved, the length of the lease and the obligations and rights of both parties.

    Commercial lessors may require our services in the case of rent arrears. We have experience in the enforcement of leases and commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR).

    When a lease is due for renewal, we can advise on Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

    For a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your requirements, please call 01803 299131.

    Residential Letting

    When a property owner wishes to rent a residential property, we advise on all aspects of residential letting law including assistance with the creation of a letting agreement.

    If you no longer wish to rent your residential property, you may need to issue a section 21 notice designed to inform your tenant that they are required to vacate the property after the fixed term ends. In some cases, a property owner may wish to invoke a section 8 notice (to obtain possession). We can assist in both matters and offer professional advice and experience on full possession claims and rent recovery.

    Our 30 minute free consultation is an ideal way to start the ball rolling.

    Property Ownership

    As well as offering a full conveyancing service, Almy & Thomas are able to advise on matters concerning the ownership of property.

    Matters that arise from time to time may include simple neighbour disputes, boundary disputes, trespassers and squatters, rights of way disputes and trusts of land and estoppel claims.

    We are delighted to offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your requirements further.