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"With our own experience plus a network of barristers and consultants we are able to provide comprehensive advice regarding employment issues."
Owen Evans, Partner
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Employment Law
We provide advice and support to both employers and employees.

Employment Law is the root of your business and working lives. Rules and regulations are in place to protect employers and employees alike. Knowing your rights and having correct procedures in place can make for a much better working relationship.

Our team consists of solicitors, legal advisors, HR consultants, an ACAS accredited workplace mediator and we have a network of barristers to assist in cases.

For Employers

Like every good house needs solid foundations your business is no different. Getting everything right from the start saves you stress, time and money in the future. We understand though that realistically sometimes businesses are eager to get going and perhaps forget what they consider to be small details which equate to big problems when things go wrong.

Employment law is ever changing. So many claims are brought to Employment Tribunals that could have been avoided had employers sought advice before acting to a situation or had their processes been correct.

We can assist your business in many ways, some examples of such are listed below:

  • Business Health Checks;
  • Work Place Mediation with an ACAS accredited mediator;
  • Defence in Tribunal proceedings from start to finish – including Early Conciliation Negotiations;
  • Drafting of Settlement Agreements;
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Investigations / Meetings;
  • Assistance in expanding your company, or downsizing as appropriate;
  • Policy Reviews;
  • Drafting of Staff Handbooks;
  • Drafting of Policies, Procedures and Employment Contracts;
  • Recruitment and Selection, plus Induction of new staff;
  • Coaching newline managers in employment law;
  • Capability and Ill Health Retirement Meetings / Procedures;
  • Strategic Overviews;
  • Attendance Management issues;
  • Additional HR support for existing projects;
  • Providing you with an external HR Service for your business
  • We have prepared an Employment Law Services booklet which provides you with information of our full range of services for employers. Please email Stephanie Teece here. to receive a free copy. Alternatively if there is a specific area you wish to have further information upon do please contact us with your request and we will be happy to email you with further details or speak with you on the telephone, whichever is more suitable for you.

    Our services are offered either on an hourly rate, daily rate, or fixed rate basis, whichever is more convenient and appropriate for your company and service required.

    For Employees

    Whether you are being bullied, harassed, discriminated against or are going through a grievance, disciplinary, redundancy or have been dismissed our aim is to help and advise you.

    Our team can also advise on whether your employer is meeting their obligations as to your statutory rights - such as pay, holiday entitlement, rest breaks, family rights etc. and if not draft letters on your behalf accordingly.

    We advise on Employment Tribunal procedures as well as providing representation throughout the Tribunal process.

    If you have been offered a Settlement Agreement by your employer, we can also advise on these. For a Settlement Agreement to be binding you must receive independent legal advice from a relevant independent advisor. The advisor must also be appropriately insured. Almy & Thomas are able to fulfil both criteria.

    We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly. We speak to you in plain English and will be honest with you as to what we feel your likelihood of success is in a claim. We view our job as an opportunity to improve your situation where we can.

    An important fact to be aware of is that most types of claims must be brought to an Employment Tribunal within 3 months minus one day from your date of dismissal (even if you have an appeal hearing pending). If you do not submit your claim in time the Tribunal may refuse to hear your case. It is therefore very important to contact us as soon as possible to enable us to assist you.

    Our services are offered on either an hourly rate, fixed rate or in some cases on a no win no fee basis.

    Please contact Stephanie Teece in the first instance for a FREE half hour interview on 01803 299131 or by e-mailing here.